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 EP Photography by Josh Moody, Lamon Records.
"When I was 9-years-old,
a spark exploded inside me
— the moment I
wrote my first song —
and that song would steer my life
in a whole new direction."

ERIN JAMIESON is a singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian Music.  She recorded her first EP Without the Dark with Lamon Records in Nashville after winning the artist and songwriter competitions at the Gideon Film Festival in 2011 when she was just 16 years old. The title cut is featured in the movie Season of Miracles (released on DVD October 2013). Soon after her debut release, Jamieson began studying songwriting at Belmont University in Nashville. She leads worship and serves as worship coordinator for Delight Ministries, a college women’s community chasing after the heart of God. Jamieson’s soulful piano-pop, tender vocals and authentic lyrics reflect her blend of musical genre interests. With her newest EP release, No Dream Too Big, Erin’s prayer is to inspire bold faith, confidence in Christ and lives that express love for God through shared gifts, sorrows, hopes and dreams.

“Going to the Gideon Media Arts & Film Festival opened many doors for me, but the message of the movie Season of Miracles is especially dear to my heart,” Erin explains. “Growing up with a sister who has Angelman Syndrome, I have seen first-hand the transformational effects she and others with special needs can have on a family and community. I feel so blessed to be a part of the team helping to tell this story that will bring hope to people and glory to God.”
"We've heard lots of budding musicians, but this lovely artist stood heads above.
We fully expect this young lady to make a big name for herself
in the Christian music industry." 

Gina Holmes, Inspire A Fire – March 1, 2012

"Famous stars often recall a moment that was their 'big break.'
A Maple Grove teen may have just experienced hers." 

Jennifer Anderson, 12 News (cable Comcast) - Feb 8, 2012
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Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival
2011 Music Artist Talent Search Winner
2011 Songwriter Winner
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